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You See Weakness, I See Trust

Therefore, submit to God. -James 4:7

Submission; a word that makes everyone groan.  When we hear “submit”, in any of its forms, it seems to conjure up images of that older sibling or cousin who would sit on us or twist our arm until we cried “Uncle! Uncle!”.   Submission is the messenger that alerts us to the presence of a bully.  It reminds us that someone has more power and authority than us, and it implies that we have to do whatever they want.  Submission makes us feel weak and voiceless.

The key issue with submission is who we submit to, and how they use their authority.  When it comes to submission; what many see as weakness, I see as trust.  Submission is all about trust.  Consider what C.S. Lewis says about trust.

We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.

We trust God like we trust the doctor giving us a flu shot…through squinted eyes, balled up fists, gritted teeth, and tensed shoulders.  Just get it over with!  Sure it’s “for our good”, but we are so reluctant AND afraid.  We’re afraid God’s plan and process will take us on roads we do not want to travel.  We’re afraid our voiced objections will not sway God’s decisions.  We’re afraid we’ll have painful experiences in the name of character growth.  We’re afraid we’ll have to let go of friends in the name of surrounding ourselves with better company.  And unfortunately these things might happen.  But!  Like the doctor who is trying to save us and give us a better life, God is trying to do that all the more!

This week I encourage you to reflect on the areas where submission to God and His “program” are a challenge for you.  Submission to God does require us to give up our independence, but look at who you are giving it up for: Your God, who has infinite love for you and limitless knowledge.  Submitting to God can be scary because His plans are not fully known to us.  However, when you have a healthy relationship with God it is easier to remember that He will not use His power to make you feel weak.  He will not abuse you.  Although you will experience some pain, your good is at the forefront of His mind.  He loves you, and that is always His motivation.  Trust His plan and trust His heart.

Infinite love + Limitless knowledge + Relationship  =  A God I can Trust

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